When I applied to be an apprentice in The Arcanum way, way, way back in January of 2014…I never really thought I’d be chosen by a master. I was nobody, from nowhere after all. How would I ever stand out among the literally thousands of applicants and be picked by a master? What a difference a year makes!! Today I celebrate my 1 year Arcanum anniversary! On July 16, 2014 I received the email that would completely turn my world upside down. I had been chosen by one A.D. Wheeler to be in his brand new cohort in The Arcanum. In fact, I was his very first apprentice.

So, what has this year been all about?  Learning those things that I didn’t know that I didn’t know and finding my focus, my direction, my compass.  It has been finding a completely amazing mentor in A.D. Wheeler, who seems to know a whole lot about just about everything… not just photography.  It’s about becoming family with people in the cohort who were mere strangers…but only for the first day.  It’s learning new things every single day from everyone I’m surrounded by. I learned that I love to teach others and share what I’ve learned. It’s late night chat sessions with my new found family and with many many new friends around the world.  It’s sharing laughs, frustrations and triumphs. It’s been about being inspired by too many talented people to count. It’s being on a first name basis with people whose work you had long admired from afar. I’ve been so blessed to be able to shoot with new friends and have great adventures.  It was Andy, Murray and Erin making the trip from the east coast to meet up with us on the west coast for a grand adventure…and watching The Creation Wars in the car on the way home with Steve. This year I’ve seen snow in Joshua Tree AND Death Valley.  I got to be there when Caleb had his first ever gallery showing. I was chosen for the path that may one day make me a master in this awesome place.  And the list goes on….

Members of House Lightbender in Joshua Tree February 2015

I love The Arcanum for what it’s enabled all of us to accomplish.  It’s truly the best environment for learning that I’ve found.  To Trey, Pete and Curtis, the founders of The Arcanum, thank you for creating this amazing place.  To A.D., each and every member of House Lightbender and all of my other friends in the arcanum…you make this journey worth taking so thank you for the awesome ride!  Here’s to the next amazing year in the Magical Arcanum!

To find out all about The Arcanum and to apply for your own experience go to:  www.TheArcanum.com

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  1. Happy anniversary, Lisa!! Although it feels more like a birthday. Either way, congratulations on your journey and all you have accomplished!

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