I have been using Topaz Labs’ products as part of my photography workflow for several years and have always been happy with my results. Having recently joined Topaz’ affiliate program, I had the good fortune to be able to preview their new software product that will hit their store today: Topaz Texture Effects. As much as I’ve liked their offerings in the past, Topaz has really knocked the ball out of the park with their new offering.

Texture Effects comes with 150+ presets and 275+ high resolution texture images built in. Presets can be viewed as a list or in grid view. In addition, and this is the cool part, you can browse and download additional effects from Topaz’ community of users right from the grid view! Yes, you heard that right, you can get more… infinitely more. If none of presets seem to catch your fancy, no problem! You can start with a completely clean slate and create your own look from scratch. In my book this rates a “Sweet!”.

I’m not one for relying much on presets alone, I rather use them as inspiration and move on from there. With this in mind, Topaz has done an A++ job of providing a robust user interface where all aspects of the effect can be modified to one’s liking.  Like the texture but not the color, not a problem adjust it. Conversely, like the color and borders but not the texture? You can swap the texture out for another or remove it altogether. The options are endless.


In addition to the included textures and effects, you can upload your existing texture and image files into the software for use within Texture Effects. I’ve uploaded textures previously purchased from A.D. Wheeler as well as a few textures I’ve shot myself.  You can add your own textures to existing categories or add categories for organization. Seriously convenient considering that up until now I was pulling textures into Photoshop via Bridge. Also convenient is the fact that when you hover over a texture or effect in the panels, the program previews that effect for you without you having to apply it. Nice!

One complaint I’ve had about some other Topaz Labs’ offerings is the inability to stack or layer effects within the software. I was thrilled to find that not only does each effect panel have options for masking, you can LAYER your effects by adding them using the Add Adjustment option at the bottom of the effects panel.


Topaz Labs seriously got it right with Texture Effects. My days of doing this kind of work in Photoshop are OVER. Of course if your image needs some clean up work in Lightroom or Photoshop prior to being turned into art, Texture Effects has both LR and PS plugins. If you love working with textures and effects then Texture Effects is one stop editing at its best.

Topaz Labs’ Texture Effects will be priced at $69.99 but now through November 20, 2015 you can get $20 off with coupon code: TEXTUREFX.  Go HERE to get your copy!

Some images I’ve worked on in Texture Effects the past few days:

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  1. I am finding the exact opposite as dark as Texture Effects. When I process an image in TE and bring it back to Lightroom it’s mangled. Put a bunch of repetitive blobs on thumbnail. Had no response from Topaz tech support for four days.

    1. Sorry to hear that Patrick. I’ve been using the program since it was released as have many of my friends. I haven’t heard of an issue of that nature. I hope you can get things worked out. 🙂

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