You might have guessed by now, that when I travel, it’s mostly road trips. I’m usually trying to travel on the cheap. Which means I don’t stay in fancy hotels or dine in upscale restaurants. All I need is a place to crash, a hot shower and something in my stomach. I want to spend my time and money on exploring not on accomodations. However, there are those times when I plan a splurge day on a trip.

I fell in love with Victorian Ferndale, California from the moment I learned about the town and wanted to stay in Victorian style. To that end, I made a reservation at the Victorian Inn. While more expensive than the places I usually stay, the room was still very reasonably priced. The experience there,  top notch!

Victorian Inn

A Cool Night Shot of the Victorian Inn

Checking into the hotel, staff was very friendly and helpful. Here you get an actual key, not one of those key cards! I don’t know why, I just loved that. Maybe it was that I could put it on my key ring and not have to figure out where I put the card while there. I get the small room at the top of the stairs, Jessica’s Haven. Here all the rooms have names, I love it! Walking into the room, there is the smell of Lavender and there are chocolates on the night table. The room is small, but cozy and feels so period. I love this place already! I drop off my things and head out to explore the town.

Room 207

Jessica’s Haven ~ Room 207 (iphone)

When I checked into the hotel, I made a reservation for the VI Restaurant at the hotel, figuring that I would cap off my day by having a nice dinner. When I came back from my explorations, I headed to the dining room, where I was the first seated for the evening. I was ready for a great dinner and a nice glass of wine.

VI Dining Room

The VI Restaurant

I order some fried artichoke hearts and a glass of  red wine to start. The very friendly server also brings me some bread along with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This dinner is going very well already! Again, this being a splurge night, the restaurant is a bit on the pricey side. I debate over my main course, it’s between the moderate splurge with the $36 rib eye steak or the big splurge in the “market price” lobster.  I opt for the lobster and was not the least bit sorry. They served me the biggest lobster tail I’ve ever seen along with some potatoes and broccoli. I top off my meal with creme brulee! The food was absolutely amazing!

Big Piece Of Lobster

How amazing is this meal? So good!!

As dinner is served, Jeffrey Smoller begins to provide dinner music with his guitar. How lovely, music with my nice dinner! But wait, what’s that he’s playing? It’s not your run of the mill acoustic guitar, it’s classic stuff I recognize… as in classic rock, some of my favorite music! He played the Beatles, the Eagles and I think I even remember some Led Zeppelin! I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a meal more, this splurge was worth every single penny!

After my early dinner, I head down Centerville Rd. to the local beach for sunset. What a perfect ending to a great day!

The Beach

Centerville Beach County Park

Sunset done, I head back to the Victorian Inn for a great night’s sleep after a long day. I wish I was staying here more than just the one night, but, it’s time to head on down the road. Before heading out, I stop into the dining room for the Inn’s complimentary breakfast in the dining room. I enjoy a Belgian waffle as one of the hotel’s owners, Lowell Daniels, stops by for a quick chat with all of the hotel guests. I’m impressed that he took the time to know who we each were and that he makes the rounds chatting and thanking us each for staying.


One of the Inn’s complimentary breakfast offerings. Very yummy!

I am so glad that I chose Ferndale and the Victorian Inn as my splurge location. If you read my Ferndale post, you’ll know how much I loved this town. The hotel with it’s Victorian charm, great food and amazing staff just put my experience in Ferndale over the top. I can’t wait to go back to this place!


Be sure to check out the Victorian Inn’s Website and book a room when you are in town!  Be sure to get a reservation at the Restaurant you can even check out the menu online!

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