One of the benefits of taking road trips are those “hey wait, what was that?” moments. Moments where you make a U-turn and jump out of the car with camera in hand. Of course there are all the short stops and way points on the road where you grab a few shots and head on your way. What to do with all those photos that don’t really warrant a whole story? I know! We’ll call it “On The Road” and make a series of it! So here we go!

The quickest way from Mt. Shasta, Calfornia to the Redwoods on the coast is to go up and over through Oregon. While I was in Oregon I had a little fun at the House of Mysterybut before I found the House I found the river! A sign posted said there were water falls, I never found the falls. I did, however, find the rapids! So I took a little hike along the Rogue River to stretch my car legs and get some fresh air. For this photo I got as close to the river as I dared, slipping off that rock would have been really bad. 🙂

The Rogue River

The Rogue River ~ Near Gold Hill, Oregon

After spending the day visiting Mount Shasta and exploring southern Oregon, I checked into my motel in Crescent City, California. I arrived just in time for sunset, so I headed down to the beach to check out the Battery Point Lighthouse. Once the tide comes in, the lighthouse becomes inaccessible so I headed to the adjacent jetty to watch the sun go down through the clouds. It was a beautiful night out on the water. What a great way to end a long day of exploring!

Battery Point Lighthouse

Battery Point Lighthouse ~ Crescent City, CA

A little further on down the coast of California, just south of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park on Hwy 101, I came upon a bridge being guarded by golden bears. Four golden bears to be exact, they guard all four corners of the bridge.

Golden Bear

A Golden Bear ~ Klamath River

A river with golden bears standing guard must be pretty special. Of course I had to stop! I found a place to park near the south end of the bridge, grabbed my camera and tripod and braved the bridge. The highway here is just two lanes and isn’t very wide, neither is the shoulder of the road. There was a small area where you could walk along the pretty low railing. I don’t think this bridge was meant to be walked. Logging trucks and semis zoom by, the winds from their wake do their best to blow you over the edge. I don’t go too far and I don’t stay long since I don’t feel all that safe here. I do manage to capture the Klamath River just after sunrise, my reward for holding on tight and not ending up in the river.

Klamath River

Early Morning on the Klamath River

Ah, such fun stuff out there on the road! You just never know when you’ll find something that wasn’t on your map.




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  1. Awesome post Lisa!! Love the golden bear! That sunset with the lighthouse is killer!!

    1. Thanks A.D.! 🙂

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