I’ve never been much of a morning person. Matter of fact, if I had my way I’d sleep till noon and stay out and play all afternoon and night. While others are up with the dawn shooting sunrises, I’d rather shoot the sunset and then revel in the lights that come on after dark. The city is so dirty and seedy right up close, but from a distance the city lights draw me in and make me want to stay up late playing with my trusty camera.

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Skyline

The first time I shot the Santa Monica Pier, I knew I didn’t want the same old shot that everyone gets.  You know the one, shot from the beach sun going down lights just coming on.  I’d get that shot later, but this night I arrived at the pier late in the evening. Darkness had already set in, so I looked for a different angle. I found this one from the fishing dock off the side of the pier, I totally dig that I found a skyline shot on the pier.

San Diego Skyline

San Diego from Coronado

Coronado Island is one of my favorite quick night trips. I love crossing the long, tall Coronado bridge all lined with lights in order to find a spot on the beach overlooking the San Diego harbor and skyline. On a good night, the water is calm and a marine layer comes in to lock in all the delicious reflections. I can sit there for hours watching the light play on the water.

San Francisco Skyline

Sparkling San Francisco

I had the good fortune to spend a great night in San Francisco with friends this past summer. I had been to San Francisco briefly a couple of times, this time we got to explore the city in the late afternoon and evening. We headed to Treasure Island to photograph the sunset. I do love a good sunset, but it was when the sun was down and the lights came on that I really got excited. I don’t get here often, so adding a night skyline of the city to my portfolio was a treat. There is something about the city lights here that just twinkle and dance in my eyes.  I hope I get back to San Francisco before too long.

Downtown L.A. Skyline

Los Angeles After Dark

I’ve been to this spot overlooking the downtown Los Angeles skyline quite a few times. The first time I went there, I didn’t even know where I was going.  I just set my car’s GPS for the US Bank Building and then wandered the streets for a good spot to set my camera. I stumbled upon this spot by accident, being blissfully unaware that this was a “famous” spot to shoot from, I was so excited to get a clear view of the lights. This photo is from just a week ago. This night my friends and I tried to keep the falling drizzle off our lenses as we tried to capture the skyline before us. The low hanging clouds trapped all the lights giving the city a totally surreal look. Same spot as we’ve shot before, yet totally different this time. I just dig the city lights at night!


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