There was so much to do and see this year that it just wouldn’t fit into one post! So sit back and relax as we run through more favorite photos of 2015. As awesome as the first half of 2015 was, the best was yet to come. New gear, more trips and more fun with my extended photography family was in store. It was a wild summer for sure, one I will never forget!

As summer started, I traded in my Canon T3i and kit lenses for a brand spankin’ new Sony a7R and a great 16-35mm Zeiss lens. With new gear and summer now in full swing it was time for an epic road trip! It had been so long since I had taken a real vacation, so it was time to get in the car and go exploring! First stop was Yosemite. I had been to Yosemite briefly a couple times before, but it was time to do more than just a drive by.  This time, I witnessed a majestic sunset from Glacier Point. Watching the sun light up Half Dome was just amazing!

Half Dome

Last light on Half Dome!

I managed to make it to Bodie Ghost Town in between storms. What a totally awesome place.  I could spend days there. The sky, OMG!, the sky was amazing thanks to the storms.  This was one of many photos that I just love from this trip. I need to get back to Bodie in 2016, there was so much that I missed.

Bodie Ghost Town

An old Ford truck at Bodie Ghost Town.

My trusty Kia Soul braved rocky dirt roads and creek crossings to bring me to Fern Canyon. One of the highlights of my summer was getting to hike through this one of a kind place. Ferns covered the canyon walls that seemed to reach into the clouds. I felt like I was walking though Jurassic Park.

Fern Canyon

Fern Canyon

I ended my summer road trip in San Francisco watching the sunset from Lands End. I had been to San Francisco once before, very briefly. This stay here wouldn’t be much longer, but I’ll be back!

San Francisco

The Golden Gate

Made it home in time to take my kiddos to Los Angeles for their engagement photos. My beautiful daughter is getting married this coming year so preparations are in full swing!

Engagement photos in Los Angeles

Then it was back to San Francisco for Trey Ratcliff’s photo walk. Half the Arcanum was going to be there, so I had to be there! Got to meet up with even more members of my cohort, which was so sweet!

House Lightbender

House Lightbender hanging with Trey!

The first couple nights of this trip we stayed in Tomales Bay. This photo from Hearts Desire Beach was my favorite from the whole trip!

Hearts Desire

Tomales Bay State Park ~ Hearts Desire

The cap on a great year? Finally, finally scratching off get awesome photo of lightning off my photography bucket list.

San Clemente Lightning

Lightning off the coast of San Clemete

And this was just the short list of fun stuff from the last half of 2015! It’s been a crazy, awesome time. I don’t know how 2016 is gonna top 2015 but it’s gonna be fun finding out! Thanks for taking this ride with me. Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all have the opportunity to explore this year. Thanks for all the support.


Once again thanks to John Ott for taking the cover photo of me. I don’t often get photos of myself I don’t hate.

To see all these and more that I couldn’t manage to eliminate from my favorites list check out my Gallery.

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