Have you ever been in a creative slump? You know, that feeling like every thing you try to work on just stinks on ice? It’s during these times that I like to try something new in an attempt to get the creative juices flowing again. It was during one of my “I don’t feel creative” periods that I discovered Tiny Planets.

Tiny Planets

San Diego Skyline Planet

I had seen tiny planets (panospheres) done many many times and had always wanted to try making one. So, I found a simple tutorial online and tried it out for myself using some of my existing photos. I tried all sorts of photos put together in different ways. Most of the ones I did turned out like the typical tiny planet, you know like a city or landscape in the round. But then something really cool happened… as I played around, some of the photos turned out looking like something else altogether!

Tiny Planets

Famous Ears

Who would have ever thought that you could make a shiny Mickey Mouse out of the Santa Monica Pier? I certainly didn’t! I never know how a photo will turn out until it’s actually done and that’s the fun part of doing these for me.

Tiny Planets

Crown Jewel

A photo of the Coronado Bridge in San Diego that I had struggled with all of a sudden became a royal heart! To me, this looked like a crest that belonged on a banner in my own little photography land! One of my most recent photos of the Korean Bell of Friendship all of a sudden became a villain from the Lord of the Rings movies!

Tiny Planets

The Eye of Sauron

Learning how to do tiny planets definitely broke me out of a creative slump! I had so much fun with these that I made a tutorial and shared it with my friends and we all went a little tiny planet crazy. These days, I continue to play with my photos as I process… looking for that odd photo that will make a cool planet. I only like the ones that look like what they are while at the same time look like something else that is totally cool.

The next time you’re in a slump, of any kind, try something completely new and different. You never know where it might lead!


For more of my tiny planets check out my Gallery.  And if you want to make some planets of your own, check out my tutorial:

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  1. Just love your Tiny Planets Lisa!

    1. Thanks, Janice! 🙂

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