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  1. I am a bird photographer (not too good) and I am encountering significant noise under poor light conditions with my Canon 7D2 at ISO > 1600. I really learned a lot looking at your DeNoise 6 tutorial. I think that the technique you outlined should help me start to get the noise under control. However, wild life photography (in effect bird portraits) brings its own set of requirements; in scale it is a close-up similar to portraits but it needs to have more sharpness than a landscape image. Too much noise reduction in a bird photograph softens it to the point that it loses its impact, while too little results in a noisy image. Most bird people are willing to accept noise over blur but I am trying to achieve a “happy” medium. Bottom line, what suggestions do you have help me with my bird photography noise. BTW, by frequent start/stop of your tutorial I was able to capture the instruction you provided, which I then saved for reference. If you published a set of notes or written script for your tutorial it would sure make life easier.
    Thank you

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